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Anti-Square Enix. | All your SNES are belong to us. [entries|friends|calendar]
Square Enix is teh ghey.

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Ah, I have found home... [18 Oct 2005|07:46am]

Well, this is a very interesting site here, I can't tell you how upset I was that Enix took over Square (Whatever they say, don't let the Squareheads tell you different! The reason why Square sucks is because Enix management rules with an iron fist. Why do you think the original people involved with Final Fantasy are no longer there?) and how much futher they can slip on the scale before I start to care less.

I will admit though that I did buy Radiata Stories only because it was made by the same company that did Valkyrie Profile, one of my favorite games. Really, when SquareEnix people don't touch ANYTHING and outsource it to another, superior programmer, the games can be quite fun. Before that, I sadly bought FF X, which while it didn't TOSS CHIMPS entirely, could have been a hell of a lot better....

Here to Final Fantasy XII and XIII tossing chimps and thanks for letting me join!
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Stabs CT/CC with knives. gently. [28 May 2005|09:36pm]

Yeah that's right, I said I'd be back to bash Chrono trigger and cross.
Everyone's got them up on pedestals and all that, and yeah - really good games but nowhere close to FF7/9, xenogears, terranigma, etc.
The main problem with both of them, although CC is by far the main culprit, is that the story isn't artfully worked into the game the whole time, a la FF7, but rather you're given oodles of freedom to do whatever you want and then at hugely obvious pre-determined points you have to sit through 10 minutes of plot being stuffed down your throat.
This isn't so bad in CT because the characters are what really drive the game along, but CC gives into the fun of collecting hundreds of characters in lieu of really developing and getting to know a few intimately. Your're switching character so often that you just don't care anymore, 'cause it's not like you've spent the whole game with one group who you get attached too. Sure, they all have their own backstory, but it's not the same as getting into all the subtle nuances of character over time and so forth.
Plus there's no attachment to Chrono or Serge because they DON'T FREAKING TALK! What's up with that? Trying to make the gamer feel as if it's them in the game? Doesn't work. Silent protaganists are NOT enigmatic and interesting. They're damn boring. Has no one worked this out? I'd rather have a complete prat like Squall as the hero than some random '...' guy.
Frog/Magus and Kid/Harle were awesome but I coulden't give a monkey's uncle about Chrono or Serge. They don't do anything.
CC is by far the worst of the two though. It's gorgeous and fun eye-candy, at the expense of character and story development. Yeah, there's definatley a great story there, but as in a good book it needs to be revealed in stages. I was none too thrilled to have two thirds of the plot dumped on me 2 minutes before the final battle. That far away from the end I couldn't care less.

Arguably both games are great and refreshing for the immense freedom they give to the player, but they suffer from it. There's often too few hints on what to do next. If you do want to just get going it leads to long and frustrating searches for the next place you're supposed to be at, and it just gets boring.
Nobody ever got hurt from a little structure kids.

heh, my rants are long and annoying.

I don't care.
*bashes chrono and serge*
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And in a puff of smoke she appeared... [19 Apr 2005|08:33pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

I just joined, so I'm taking the opportunity to say 'Howdy' ^_^
Anyways, I have a love/hate relationship with Square... although admittedly mostly love.
My first ever RPG and PS game was FF7 which just blew me away, and immedietly set an incredibly high benchmark. (And by the way I only care about valid reasons or simple personal preference for bashing that game, because I'm sick of whiny fanboys/girls leveling it just because it was popular. Mainstrean is not automatically bad, and vice versa.)
FF8 was then a real letdown for me. I felt a bit cheated, and it's not because it wasn't a good game, because compared to other RPG offerings out there and taken on its own merits, it was. But it wasn't a great game by any measure. I felt Square was resting on its laurels after FF7. I mean sure, they gave us eye-candy galore but graphics is always something that adds onto an existing base created primarily by story and characters.
The story in FF8 is only vaguely coherent and the whole time compression deal felt tacked on and a bit of a let down. Characters excepting Selphie and Zell were generally bland and COME ON??!! All from the same orphanage??!! How EXCEPTIONALLY conveniant. Won't have to bother with more than one-line backstories then.

I don't really care about gameplay etc, (although I do appreciate them). I just love stories and characters which I access through any medium possible, whether manga, anime, movies, books or games. These are the things, in an RPG, which keep me at least, coming back for more and enthralled with what will happen next.
Final word: I'll kick your ass in my dreams SquareEnix, if you even eyeball those laurels, but *huggles* for FF7, xenogears, and vagrant story ^_^

Oh, join me next time, and possibly beat the crap out of me with Robo in your daydreams, when I ever-so-gently bash Chrono Trigger and Cross. *builds fanboy/girl proof bunker*
(but truly truly, I'll be gentle. Tis a good game. And Frog kicks ass.)

/end rant

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Another reason to hate square enix [17 Mar 2005|09:37pm]

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this here, of if there are any other Diehard Chrono Trigger fans like myself who realized this and have mentioned it, so here it is either way

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Chrono Trigger Remake Project, basically, they were a group odf people who loved the game and were remaking it in 3d, not for profit, but for the love of the game.
They were pretty far in the process in some places of the game, and it was looking very good..very promising. The charcters were all done very, very well. The music was very good as weel, and the levels were simply beautiful.
After a while, Square sent them A cease and decist, threatening a HUGE lawsuit if they didn;t quit, so what else could they do?
Square, being greedy bastards, afraid they might be pressure to support the project and release it, decided it be best to just throw lawsuits left and right, at a few other Ct remakes as well.
Think about it, if it had been released, they could have made tons and tons of money, and wouldn't had even to spend much on it compared to a lot of games.
But no.
They would rather go on making those shitty, boring, repetivtive Final Fantasies that fewer and fewer people will enjoy, because...well, they fucking suck. That's all there is to it. And I think this communities' Icon speaks that truth very well. They would rather dump their money into those piles of shit, instead of taking a very small risk, that, in my belief, would have a HUGE payout. If you've ever seen the "Make a new Chrono Trigger" petitions, the amount of money people said they would spend is outrageous, some as high as $150! That's dedication, folks.
Well, anyway, I just thought I'd add another reason to hate SquareEnix to the list, and get a little anger out by saying this to people who will actaully give a damn, unlike all of my firends who spend their time fucking their copies of halo while worshipping it.
So, until next time,
Much Love to you, much hatred to SE,
*gets off of soapbox*
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[03 Feb 2005|11:44am]

I am in LOVE with this community!

I've played every final fantasy from 7 - X-2, and they've all been literal garbage compared to the earlier ones.

Why are graphics so important when something like a good storyline makes the game more worthwhile?

I played Chrono Trigger (for the FIRST TIME) while I was playing Final Fantasy X, and I actually stopped playing X because CT just drew me in. Games like that ARE what an RPG is supposed to be. Cliffhanger-y, full of drama, and for CHRIST'S SAKE I CRIED DURING CT.

I also cried during Valkyrie Profile, but that's because the soundtrack is so epic. The focus now is on graphics, not a totally awesome soundtrack or making the characters as 'real' as possible.

Win some, lose some, yes?

_keta, Squaresoft fan since 1991 (when I got Final Fantasy for my NES). ^_^;
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[10 Jan 2005|02:34am]

Hey guys, my name's Chris. I noticed this community when I was searching for similar interests to a community I just started with my friend. It's purely for fun, but check it out and you're welcome to join. Ninjas Against Yuna
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RAR [17 Dec 2003|04:41pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I live. Square-Enix sucks. SO3 no longer gives me lucious orgasms, and now I must reside to my box...my...cardboard...box... *eye-twitch*


Thanks Yei!


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"Food for thought!" [15 Dec 2003|09:06pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Yeppers, I am here. All fear.

Food for thought of the day: FFX-2.

Mind you I have not played it, but do know the basic gists of FFX. I have heard some... displeasing thigns... about X2 from varying sources. Not too much positive, but a little. I wills ay that I like the designs (though Nomura's work all looks the same after awhile, honestly...)

Music - no idea... don't have it. Who did it, anyway?

Graphics - WTF do they have to do with how good a game is anymore, anyway? O_o I mena, honestly. FF6. Chrono Trigger. FFT. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together... Secret of Mana... etc. - they're still great agmes even with the graphics not being all hot. As long a I can figure ut what is what, I don't need 5 billion polygons making out someone's somethign or another.

Hm... hard to ramble abount much else, havign not touched it.

-_- I mean, on one hand it might have been a good idea, and a first for the FF series in sequals... but really ... they could have done a LOT better... no?

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