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"Food for thought!"

Yeppers, I am here. All fear.

Food for thought of the day: FFX-2.

Mind you I have not played it, but do know the basic gists of FFX. I have heard some... displeasing thigns... about X2 from varying sources. Not too much positive, but a little. I wills ay that I like the designs (though Nomura's work all looks the same after awhile, honestly...)

Music - no idea... don't have it. Who did it, anyway?

Graphics - WTF do they have to do with how good a game is anymore, anyway? O_o I mena, honestly. FF6. Chrono Trigger. FFT. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together... Secret of Mana... etc. - they're still great agmes even with the graphics not being all hot. As long a I can figure ut what is what, I don't need 5 billion polygons making out someone's somethign or another.

Hm... hard to ramble abount much else, havign not touched it.

-_- I mean, on one hand it might have been a good idea, and a first for the FF series in sequals... but really ... they could have done a LOT better... no?
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