Matt (leifvignirsson) wrote in antisquareenix,

Ah, I have found home...

Well, this is a very interesting site here, I can't tell you how upset I was that Enix took over Square (Whatever they say, don't let the Squareheads tell you different! The reason why Square sucks is because Enix management rules with an iron fist. Why do you think the original people involved with Final Fantasy are no longer there?) and how much futher they can slip on the scale before I start to care less.

I will admit though that I did buy Radiata Stories only because it was made by the same company that did Valkyrie Profile, one of my favorite games. Really, when SquareEnix people don't touch ANYTHING and outsource it to another, superior programmer, the games can be quite fun. Before that, I sadly bought FF X, which while it didn't TOSS CHIMPS entirely, could have been a hell of a lot better....

Here to Final Fantasy XII and XIII tossing chimps and thanks for letting me join!
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