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Another reason to hate square enix

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this here, of if there are any other Diehard Chrono Trigger fans like myself who realized this and have mentioned it, so here it is either way

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Chrono Trigger Remake Project, basically, they were a group odf people who loved the game and were remaking it in 3d, not for profit, but for the love of the game.
They were pretty far in the process in some places of the game, and it was looking very good..very promising. The charcters were all done very, very well. The music was very good as weel, and the levels were simply beautiful.
After a while, Square sent them A cease and decist, threatening a HUGE lawsuit if they didn;t quit, so what else could they do?
Square, being greedy bastards, afraid they might be pressure to support the project and release it, decided it be best to just throw lawsuits left and right, at a few other Ct remakes as well.
Think about it, if it had been released, they could have made tons and tons of money, and wouldn't had even to spend much on it compared to a lot of games.
But no.
They would rather go on making those shitty, boring, repetivtive Final Fantasies that fewer and fewer people will enjoy, because...well, they fucking suck. That's all there is to it. And I think this communities' Icon speaks that truth very well. They would rather dump their money into those piles of shit, instead of taking a very small risk, that, in my belief, would have a HUGE payout. If you've ever seen the "Make a new Chrono Trigger" petitions, the amount of money people said they would spend is outrageous, some as high as $150! That's dedication, folks.
Well, anyway, I just thought I'd add another reason to hate SquareEnix to the list, and get a little anger out by saying this to people who will actaully give a damn, unlike all of my firends who spend their time fucking their copies of halo while worshipping it.
So, until next time,
Much Love to you, much hatred to SE,
*gets off of soapbox*
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