Hypotnos Lyserge (_keta) wrote in antisquareenix,
Hypotnos Lyserge

I am in LOVE with this community!

I've played every final fantasy from 7 - X-2, and they've all been literal garbage compared to the earlier ones.

Why are graphics so important when something like a good storyline makes the game more worthwhile?

I played Chrono Trigger (for the FIRST TIME) while I was playing Final Fantasy X, and I actually stopped playing X because CT just drew me in. Games like that ARE what an RPG is supposed to be. Cliffhanger-y, full of drama, and for CHRIST'S SAKE I CRIED DURING CT.

I also cried during Valkyrie Profile, but that's because the soundtrack is so epic. The focus now is on graphics, not a totally awesome soundtrack or making the characters as 'real' as possible.

Win some, lose some, yes?

_keta, Squaresoft fan since 1991 (when I got Final Fantasy for my NES). ^_^;
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